Malaysia is among the country’s formation ahead with the economic Revolution 4.0. One of the core technologies of business 4.0 is AI or AI. Through AI, a system is made to find out from its surroundings and use that knowledge to attach humans, physical tools and therefore the digital world. Enhancing skill sets and productivity to advance nation status

Another core technology is that the robotic method automation (RPA), that is that the use of code with AI and machine learning capabilities to mimic human employees, notably at doing high-volume, repetitive tasks.

Other business 4.0 technology area unit Cloud Computing technology for storing and process knowledge, IoT that connects a tool to good senses victimization web association, cyber security that protects knowledge and minimizes risks and 3D printing that facilitates the assembly of prototypes.

Other technology involves video game that provides visual data in a very virtual format, increased Reality which mixes the physical world with the virtual world and massive knowledge Analysis that uses collected knowledge to produce service or return up with correct projections.
It will facilitate the community develop a system, app or service utilizing, as an example, AI and successively, avail opportunities to others by making new business models.

One of the mobilizing factors of business 4.0 is that the high process power plus digital storage that drives the producing of engineering merchandise.

With high process power, even a little smartphone will run a spread of functions. Today, smartphones area unit equipped with AI process that uses knowledge from the environment to operate higher. as an example, once taking a photograph with our smartphone, AI can mechanically assess the environment to change the capture of higher photos.

However, several have voiced their considerations regarding robots taking up human tasks. Low-skilled hands like producing operators is among the roles that will in all probability get on the road as they’re bit by bit replaced by robots of alternative processed systems.
However, extremely skillful hands to style, develop code and AI and run programs would be in demand in business 4.0

The education system must mirror these changes. Students must be compelled to be exposed to business 4.0 from the first level.

Students must be compelled to be schooled intimately a way to develop a technology victimization codes and algorithms. App development, which might be learned from a really young age, must be compelled to even be schooled in faculties.